A web design project for a relocation company and along with a brand refresh needed a responsive website to keep up with their future expansion. Navigation, UI and UX had to be considered and thoroughly worked out to simplify their offering, resulting in a suite of icons and a navigation structure that enabled users to get where they need to be efficiently. They were posting regularly and also wanted to increase their blog visibility in the process. Their new logo was given some extra life with a little animated motion.
A relocation company with ambitious plans needed a website that demonstrated their full range of services. Navigation challenges were addressed and distilled down to an initial question: Are you locating yourself or someone else?
Tailored information is then delivered using a clear and functional UI with a suite of icons and a navigation structure that gets users where they need to be efficiently. Their blog was also given increased visibility. I added some motion to their logo to bring in some extra personality and to use as an ident for video segments.
Created in my role as Senior Designer for Conker Design Ltd

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